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June 4, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Congresswoman Jacky Rosen (NV-03) introduced a series of amendments to the Fiscal Year 2019 “minibus” spending bill that would eliminate all traces of Yucca Mountain funding from the bill:

“Like the vast majority of Nevadans, I firmly oppose any attempt to turn our state into the nation’s nuclear waste dump, and I will keep using my voice in Congress to advocate against any funding that would revive Yucca Mountain,” said Rosen. “Dumping nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain would endanger the health and safety of my constituents, threaten millions of Americans living along the highways and railroads that would transport radioactive waste to Nevada, and jeopardize military testing and training at our defense facilities. My amendments will help ensure we do not fund or support efforts to bring back this risky and ill-conceived project.


BACKGROUND: Rosen introduced the following amendments to the Fiscal Year 2019 “minibus” spending bill:

  • Jobs, Not Waste Act: Based on H.R. 5643, which Rosen introduced in April, this amendment prohibits the use of funds for Yucca Mountain project licensing, planning, and/or construction until the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reviews alternative job-creating uses for the site and submits a study to Congress.

  • Defunding Civilian Nuclear Waste Disposal: Strikes $190 million from the bill for civilian nuclear waste disposal at Yucca Mountain.

  • Defunding Defense Nuclear Waste Disposal: Strikes $30 million from the bill for defense nuclear waste disposal.

  • Cutting Yucca Licensing Dollars: Strikes $47.7 million from the bill for Yucca Mountain licensing activities by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

  • Striking Closure Prohibition: Strikes section of the bill prohibiting the "closure of adjudicatory functions, technical review, or support activities associated with the Yucca Mountain geological repository license application," and "actions that irrevocably remove the possibility that Yucca Mountain be a repository option in the future.”

  • Striking Report on New Yucca Facility: Strikes requirement in the bill that the Department of Energy submit a report to Congress and the State of Nevada on the potential of locating a reprocessing/recycling facility for spent nuclear fuel near Yucca Mountain.


Earlier this year, Rosen successfully advocated against funding for Yucca Mountain in the final Fiscal Year 2018 omnibus.