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January 22, 2018
Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Congresswoman Jacky Rosen (NV-03) released the following statement on Republicans' latest stopgap Continuing Resolution:

“I remain deeply disappointed by the systematic failure to address the critical issues facing this Congress, and I believe the only path forward to stop this dysfunction is a meaningful commitment to bipartisan problem-solving. Congress needs to work across the aisle to protect Nevada's Dreamers and TPS workers, fund our community health centers, and pass a long-term budget that provides certainty for our government, our military, and our economy. There is zero excuse for how Republican leaders in Washington have spent the past few months playing partisan games, holding up children's health insurance as a political pawn, and blocking bipartisan bills to protect Dreamers from coming to the floor. I will keep working across the aisle and fighting for a permanent solution in Congress that fixes President Trump's cruel decision to end the DACA program and safeguards these young people."

BACKGROUND:  In addition to co-sponsoring the DREAM Act,  Congresswoman Rosen is an original co-sponsor of the United and Securing America (USA) Act, a bipartisan bill that has 26 GOP co-sponsors and 27 Democratic co-sponsors. This legislation would provide a legal pathway to citizenship for DREAMers and help secure our southern border. Rosen also signed a discharge petition to bring a clean DREAM Act to the floor.

In Nevada, DACA has allowed more than 13,000 young people to come forward, pass background checks, and live and work legally. Nationwide, DACA has protected from deportation 800,000 individuals who know no home but the U.S.

Rosen is an original co-sponsor of the Advancing Seniors and Kids Act (H.R. 4820), which would permanently reauthorize CHIP, fund community health centers for two years, and extend several other federal health programs critical to low-income and rural communities.

Congresswoman Rosen is a co-sponsor of the No Government, No Pay Act, which would prohibit Members of Congress from getting paid during a government shutdown. Congresswoman Rosen is also a lead sponsor of the bipartisan SHIELD Act (H.R. 1536), which would ensure compensation for servicemembers and federal law enforcement personnel in the event of a government shutdown or a default on the nation’s debt.