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November 16, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Congresswoman Jacky Rosen (NV-03) voted against the House version of Republicans’ tax bill, H.R. 1.

“Instead of putting forth a tax bill that reduces the debt, creates jobs, and grows our economy, House Republicans voted today to throw millions of working families under the bus so they could give wealthy Americans and big corporations a tax cut,” said Rosen. “This partisan plan adds $1.5 trillion to our deficit and could trigger a $25 billion cut from Medicare as well as further cuts to other programs, unfairly shifting costs onto Nevadans who rely on commonsense tax reliefs policies that help those saddled with high-cost medical expenses, students struggling to pay off their college loans, and teachers trying to buy basic supplies for their classrooms. I was disappointed to see Republicans also refuse to adopt amendments I submitted to protect these important provisions in our tax code that help families make ends meet. I will continue to call for a bipartisan effort to create a simpler, fairer tax code that invests in our small businesses and regular Nevada families, who are the backbone of our economy.”

BACKGROUND: Rep. Rosen submitted six amendments to counter the harmful provisions included in the GOP plan.

Amendments to H.R. 1 filed by Rep. Jacky Rosen:

  • Amendment #76: Prevents the elimination of the medical expense deduction.

  • Amendment #77: Prevents the elimination of the tax deduction for the costs of school supplies purchased by teachers out-of-pocket.

  • Amendment #78: Prevents the eventual elimination of tax credits for solar and geothermal energy.

  • Amendment #87: Prevents the elimination of the deductions for student loan interest and tuition expenses.

  • Amendment #88: Prevents the termination of Private Activity Bonds (PABs), which incentivize private investment in public works and other projects benefiting the public, and is particularly important to Nevada's nonprofit hospitals (including St. Rose Dominican), affordable housing organizations like Nevada HAND, and McCarran International Airport.

  • Amendment #89: Prevents repeal of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which provides tax credits for hiring veterans and the disabled.