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Raising Profiles: Nevada Women in STEM

I built my career in Nevada as a computer programmer in a male-dominated industry. As a woman who started her career in STEM, we’ve made progress, but women are still underrepresented in science and tech, as well as in STEM jobs. The gender gap is depriving our nation of talented minds who could be solving our biggest challenges. That’s why every month my office will highlight a Nevada woman in STEM to show our appreciation for their work and role in breaking stereotypes.

Nominate a Nevada woman you wish to highlight that’s either studying or working in a STEM field here, and let’s break the stereotype.

Call to action and instructions: Participants can nominate a woman in STEM by filling out the following form here.

Past Honorees


December 2017 -  Kristen Goodell

As the principal architect for Aptus in Las Vegas, Kristen leverages her personality, wisdom, work ethic, and architecture prowess to lead and coordinate crucial aspects of every project she touches. She is key to the success of the company and continues to be a role model to not only the younger staff in the firm, but to the community as a whole. Kristen has a thorough grasp of building technology and is a true STEM champion. Congrats, Kristen!



November 2017 - Donna Levy

Donna is the principal at Southwest Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas, a magnet high school offering special classes in engineering, tech, and other careers. Donna was at the helm in 2016 and 2017, when Southwest Career and Technical Academy 

won the Merit Award honoring the top magnet schools in the United States. Her dedication and compassion for preparing today's students for tomorrow's economy knows no bounds. She is a true STEM champion. Congrats, Donna!








October 2017 - Lara Turello

Lara is earning her master’s degree in biochemistry at UNLV and is researching gene expression and antibiotic resistance. Congrats, Lara!